The Breeze

The Breeze

The storm was over but the spoils were still around fresh in mind,
But not everything was bad, the storm did bring a present afterall
A gentle breeze so different from all the turbulence and the pain
A breeze that can soothe, calm and comfort this troubled mind

Maybe the pain afterall was just to introduce this miracle cure
Maybe the first cut in my heart after all was just to let the cure in
And I aint complaining because i got more than what i asked for
Life didnt happen my way, but gave something much better than fantasies

The road so far not taken but all that fate needed was just a second
The fate that broke my love did end up showing my life,the better side
Unseen and unheard but the bond was sealed at the very moment, a sacred one
The fate that made the bond, took its own time to make it strong

Time to experience the peaceful breeze now, not the storm that i so wished for
The breeze that keeps me warm when it rains so hard in my heart and
Keeps my head cool when there is a heat storm brewing inside my head
Why would I be afraid of battles when she will be there to cure my wounds

Afterall she helped me ride through my personal battles,always there caring
Beyond my mother and sister, she is the one I look upto when i hit rockbottom
And I can close my eyes everynight, safe in the protective hands of this calm breeze
Love finally has come back the whole circle, the circle of my life from here

And I wouldnt lose this time…




I remember the first time I saw you
I recall the first time we spoke
I relish the first laugh together
And I relive the first pangs of pain

I know that you are not mine
But your memories will always be mine
I know that I can never hold you
But I can hold on to your memories for ever

Every second while I am awake and
Every dream while I am sleeping
Every thought that comes to my mind
The only thing I see is you and you alone

Standing here in the middle of a wild rain
Drenched in the down pour of your memories, I Stand
Your thoughts flash across the sky like a lightning
Leaving behind a darkness hard to comprehend

Swept away in the current of old times
Caught in a whirlpool of your words
I keep looking around myself but
I dont seem to find where I am

Never did I expect to find you
Never did I expect to lose you
Never will I regret my actions
And Never will I lose your memoria

I know that this kills me from inside
I know that there is no end to this
I know this is all but painful
But I dont have the power to let you go

Never will I have the power to let you go




Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Aint gonna ask you for your company
Aint gonna ask for your love
Aint gonna ask for hard Promises
All that I will ever ask you is

When you are feeling sad
When you are feeling down
When all hopes are lost and
When you dont have nothing more to lose

Can I be your Guardian Angel
Can I hold you under my wings and
Protect you from the world outside
Always there in your hours of distress

Call me baby, And I can burn my wings
If I could be your angel in distress
Wish for me baby, And I can lose my place in heaven
If I could be your angel on your bad days

I will be your protective Angel, babygal
I will take your pains for you, babygal
I will take on the world for you babygal
Just wish for me , Just wish for me

Let me be your Angel
Let me be your Angel


The Light

The light

Down on spirit and done with life , too tired for anything but death
On the ground with dust in my face, Beaten in love, Beaten in life
Out on my last breath and closing my eyes for one last time
Savouring the last moments with the world that crushed me

Tired to think of anything and waiting for the final blow
My life scrolls past me and all I can remember are only failures
I fought and toiled and shed blood only to embrace the waiting defeat
With a beaten heart and a gloomy eye, all I see is only darkness

A Darkness so eager to destroy whatever hope that is left with me 
I am afraid to close my eyes fearing the darkness that is waiting
Just when I am ready to give up on myself, I sense a speck
A ray of light cutting the darkness around, a hand from heaven

A hand trying to lift me from the depths of darkness I was destined to
Engulfed by a light so unreal but familiar and comforting
I see Faces drift before me, faces so very dear and friendly
And I remember the smiles, the laughs, the promises and my life

A life I shared with those faces , a life made happy by those faces
A wonderful life so easily forgotten , a life worth living for
And the light keeps getting stronger, its brilliance defeating the darkness
And the light shows me the life i missed , the light gives me the life i wished

I will be beaten again , I will bite the dust again and maybe again
But I know it will be there , the light that gives me hope
The light that makes life worth living for, a life so special
The light that shows me the faces, the faces which love me


Stupid Girl

Stupid Girl

On an endless search for the unknown world
You keep running, running around for fool’s gold
With eyes shut on an unknown road leading nowhere
Your eyes are blind towards everything good on the way

Stupid Girl
Why dont you open your eyes
And see the world waiting for you

Caught in your beautiful world of self deceit
you keep dreaming, dreaming for the perfect one
With your heart locked in the box of your dreams
But nothing is perfect in this world my dear

Stupid Girl
Why dont you start to wake up
And go for what is more real

Following your thoughts on an endless maze
YOu keep thinking you took the right turn
But its only taking you further , further
Away from the door to YOur real life

Stupid Girl
Why dont you stop thinking long and hard and
Follow your heart just this once

You go around thinking every second is yours
But before you blink it could all be over baby
Why dont you come to me before its late
Before its too late for anything at all

I can wait for you till the end of my time
But it will still be you who is
The Stupid Girl

My Stupid Girl


Princess of the Night

One more puzzle…

Princess of the Night

I can ignore the world’s most prettiest girls
But can I ever resist the mildest of your gazes
I can stay clear from everything enticing
But can I ever desist from a hug this loving

There are girls that dont deserve any of my time
But you are one girl who will always be my prime
All the things attractive will never be a big test
But missing you one night could take away my Rest

Coz you are my princess of the Night
Ignoring you Will take a lot of my might

I can win each day and become a superstar
But without you around, I can’t go very far
Everything in the world, I can try and get it done
But losing you forever is certainly no fun

You always make my night through your colorful dream
But there are also some days when you make me scream
Without you around I dont think I have a life
You are somebody thats closest to being my wife

Coz you are my princess of the Night
In a life sans you, I can never be allrite


Yeah, nobody can live without sleep 🙂




Might lose this smile of yours as the years wane
Would always long for this touch so wonderful
Every passing second might take you further away
And life might rob me off everything about you

But life can never take this wonderful feeling
This precious little feeling so mysterious
Something fate can never understand to play with
A feeling so unique ,it can only be mine

Could never believe it when it happened first
That this feeling could so easily bring us together
Every mile between us will fade in a second
And every barrier between our hearts can melt away

Everything can be made real, if your heart wishes
Every hurt and every pain could be a pleasure
And this feeling of mine can make it all possible
Can get me what all this praying couldnt get

Getting me close to you, even if only through pain
Only through pain but pain can be addictive too
After all happiness is all but shortlived
And Pain is what is going to be real and eternal

If you ever get hurt, and dont see any blood
Dont wonder, Just remember that I bled instead
And if you dont feel any pain, dont thank God
Coz its not God but me who took your pain away

And if I ever pray again,I would just wish for this pain
This sweet pain reminding me that I am still hanging on
Still there for you through it all, even if you cant see me
This life might not,but this pain will still unite us

So think of me when you feel bad, coz I can take a share
This sense of mine will give me a share even if you dont
And be sure that I am with you while you go through this
Sharing this guiltless pain, this sweet Stigmata

June 2018
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