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Dark Angel – Somebody I saw in my office party :)

Here is my tribute to a sexy lady I saw the other day,

I have always seen her in office and found her hot but on this particular day

She was just awesome…


Bury the Faith

Donno how many times I’ve been on the edge,

Lost track of the times I have trusted and failed

So just one another instance where there was nobody to blame but my faith…

Bury the faith

Bring in the shovels
Dig out the earth
perform the last rites
For a grave I will dig
For my faith
Where hope dies along with my faith

No more unanswered prayers
No more emptybeliefs
No more one sided talking
For its been decided
That my faith
Deserves a quick death and nothing more

All these years I have
Banged my head against
A wall that will never budge
Earning nothing but wounds
So it stops now
Atleast my bleeding will stop now

In a world so selfish
I stood my ground
With you for company
Trusting you for deliverance
And all you could do was to
Turn your back on me just like your world

So, No more trust
No more hope
No more faith
For you are nothing
But a fool’s Fantasy
Nothing more than a detailed Day dream

I am on my own now
Never will I come to you
Enough with this life
Done with disappointments
So I dig this grave
Where I will bury this faith of mine

Where hope dies along with my faith……..


Break out – A Tribute to No Rain by Blind Melon

Donno how many times I had felt about being trapped inside this box,

Created by none other than me and all of my well wishers out there,

Had always wanted to live life without any inhibitions, take joy in the smallest of pleasures

A minute at a time and never thinking about the spent minute and the minute i am gonna spend

Couldnt stop but write a tribute to a song which always appeals to somebody inside who always wants to


Break out

A world, wild and beatiful on our doorstep
While I live within my world of restrictions
But the sights are here, and the smells are there
And I am just waiting for the moment to break out

To Fly away and sail among the clouds
Break myself away from these shackles of life
Like a bird lighter than its own feather
I wanna fly higher and lighter, away from all this

Donno why am I still waiting, like always
Miss pretty world is not gonna run to me
So lemme run to her, the world wild and free
With open hands, with an open mind

And embrace her with all the joy in the world
Arms stretched , I am gonna run towards her
Run and Run till there is nothing left in my miind
Nothing but Joy and freedom and nothing more

And I keep running,running towards my destiny
A destiny written by god and rewritten by me
A will of God broken by me by just running 
By running away from the path he chose for me

Finally, the sights are here, the sounds are heard
And the sweet smells of the world wild and free
That everlasting sweetness that can cure my soul,
Will continue to linger till the time I die, till my memories die

If there was one heaven I am already there
Broken from my old life, this is a new beginning
The beginning to the end of my old life
A brave new world , wild and free and Calling

And I am still running, only this time
The world is running along with me , hands together
We will run and run like two lovers in passion
We will find new meanings to our own lifes, in each others company


A Hello to the world! and a Hello to myself!

Hello World ! wow ,  Thanks WordPress I wudnt have thought of a better title,

And thats exactly what this blog is about, just a reflection of my thoughts addressed towards nobody in particular…

My friend keeps telling me that every word that we speak is not addressed towards anybody but ourselves, we speak to ourselves through others…

And thats what I am going to do, speak to the world and inturn speak to my inner self…

So a big Hello to the wide and beautiful world outside and to the unseen and unheard me inside 🙂

January 2010