The Happy Song

Keep writing sad songs loverboy

Nothing is gonna change anything

When reality is a bitch, why dont you run away from it

And you did try to fool reality once

Escaped from the familiar path to take the road not taken

But reality had a way of getting back , even in your fantasies….

Isnt it, the happy song …

The Happy Song

Hand in hand, on this lonely stretch of beach
With nobody to watch but for sweet mother nature
We walk miles, miles without a word spoken
And my eyes come looking for yours every second

The world stays silent as our hearts speak
Speak in unison about this wonderful life
While the moon watches from the sky above
Pouring its milky light on this loving couple

And I keep looking below and keep wishing, If I could
Be one those waves caressing your beautiful feet
Only to remember that the waves have only tonight
While I have you for the rest of my life

With each other for comfort on this cold night
We keep walking, walking our way to heaven
As the birds keep singing about the two of us
An Ode to this love , to this never ending love

And as the dawn breaks across the silver sky
My eyes open to see the first ray of the golden sun
To enjoy this moment of heavenly beauty together
My hands come searching for yours

and dont find it

And I look around only to find myself all alone
With the Pen in my hand and notebook in front
Sitting in my chair with the night lamp on
Alone in this house with only your memories for company

May be my eyes were too tired of crying last night
And when my eyes went to sleep, my heart escaped
To run free on paper with nobody to watch for
And write a dream on paper about you and me together

Since the only thing I knew was to cry on this notebook
With words pouring out in torrents from my bleeding heart
I went on writing more of these sad songs about our lost life
And kept wishing If you could give me a chance for a happy song

And knew this wish for a happy song will never be fulfilled
As long this needle of reality keeps pricking at me
Reminding me that I can never write a happy song without you
And so my heart fooled my mind just this one time

To write a Happy song

To write about a dream thats not mine

And this will be my happy song

My only happy song…



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