Where did I lose you

This one is a puzzle,

Takea  guess at what I am writing about,  I have given the answer and the reason at the end.
Where did i lose you

Born with me, you were my twin brother, my identity
You became bigger and stronger as I grew along
You were a fire which fuelled me all my life
YOu were the one who made me what I am today

All things in the world,I can easily lose and forget
But losing you will break me from inside, cripple my mind
Coz your my heart, the one who shaped my soul
And without you I am nothing more than skin and bones

And I always thought I would defend you with my life
Always thought you would be the last thing i could lose
I can die of pain and die of hunger but always think that
You will be the one with me even in my dying breath

But these days I feel lonely and lost and l
I dont sense that fire which comforted me from inside
I dont feel my blood brother along when I walk and
I take a look back and you are not there anymore

Dont know where I lost you and dont know if Ill find you
And I dont feel good without that familiar feeling
I miss your comfort in these times of depression
Coz you made me proud even in my darkest of hours

Wherever you are, just come out of that closet of yours
Coz I want that high when I am walking, I want it back
I wanna keep my head up and above, just the way it was
So come back brother, I need you now more than ever.


I was beginning to feel that I am nothing more than a compromise

So the song above was written about something I lost to become somebody liked…

But even the compromise didnt work, I only ended up losing something

That I was proud of even at the times I have lost, my Pride


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January 2010


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